Branding, Packaging and Graphic Design

APEX is a premium surge board designed and built by Thor Technologies, exclusively for Harvey Norman.

Thor approached me to assist them with the naming and designing of this new product range of surge boards sold nationally around Australia and New Zealand.

It is a premium product that technically is the best on the market. It helped develop APEX’s name, meaning the highest point; APEX offers the highest filtration and surge protection in the Australian and New Zealand market.

To help distinguish this range from other Thor products, it was decided to use a single colour instead of a different colour for each product. A metallic copper was chosen, and when combined with black and white not only distinguishes this range from the other Thor products and gives the appearance of a premium product.

APEX logo
APEX font and colours
APEX icons
APEX Suite
APEX Packaging
APEX Packaging Close Up
APEX Packaging Close Up
APEX Packaging Close Up
APEX Factsheet
APEX website
APEX on mobile
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